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Step 1: Contact

Fill in the form from web and submit. You will receive the response back within 24 hours.

Step 2: Writing

We will conduct research on job descriptions then translate that to fit your career. Resume will be processed accordingly to your survey form.

Step 3: Closing

The first draft resume will be submitted in a word format for you to review. We welcome revision and provide further consultation. The first draft resume will be shared in MS Word format for you to review. Recognizing that resume writing is an iterative process, we welcome revisions and will provide further consultations as needed. The final draft will be returned in both Word and PDF format.

3 Types of Resumes Format

Let the resume speak for itself. It should be well-branded to show your value-add, following the right mix of analysis. The resume should reflect your branding strategy.

Chronological Resume

Straight forward traditional format resume that promotes career stability and presents the years of work experience as an asset

PROS if you have

stable employment and no employment gaps

-interest applying through job sites, hunters are more likely to accept this format

great for those with entry-level careers

CONS if you have

periods of unemployment

frequent changes of companies or job roles

desire to highlight creative abilities

Functional Resume

Focuses on the applicant's skills and experiences rather than chronological work history

PROS if you have

skills organized by theme

experienced similar job roles in different companies

CONS if you have

written too much information

career progress is ambiguous

Combination Resume

Showcases both skills and work history, whereas emphasize more on skills

PROS if you have

very specific or focused skills or abilities

worked for well-known companies

experienced similar job roles in different companies

CONS if you have

to customize or tailor to fit-in each job description

noticeable job hopping and employment gaps

Basic Resume Strategy


Must be easy to read

Line spacing, include sufficient white space

Use traditional section headings

One-page or two pages maximum

Clear, concise fit in template

Margins (left/right and top/bottom) to be equal and no less than .5 inch wide


Written in third-person, begin each statement with an action verb

Spell out numbers form one through ten. Use figures for numbers above ten

Write telegraphy with limited use of articles (a/an/the)

Font that reflects your career (ex.Serif fonts, Times New Roman, Garamond)

Font size between 10pt - 12pt depending on style


Submit in MS Word or PDF format

Run spelling and grammar check, remove red suggestion line

Check font enhancements (italics, bold, underlining, all caps, and small caps)

Choose the best or highest quality resume paper if printing

Service Package

Resume, CV writing

Available upon request

Research and writing resume in requesting language (EN/CN/JP)

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Cover Letter

Available upon request

Writing cover letter and other business letters

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Available upon request

Document translation (¥5~9 /word)

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*The price fluctuates depending on the number of words and the due date.


Tomohisa S.


Tomohisa has more than 8 years of experience in sales and marketing coordinator in various industries including business consultation, international trading, digital advertising, electronic manufacturing, and game development. Some of his many accomplishments include acting as a project manager, aligning activities and goals with the strategic vision of the organization, and liaising among international parties.


George Washington University, Washington D.C.

Skills & Certificates

Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
Mandarin Chinese: HSK Test Level 6
English: TOEIC Score 975
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) 120-hour


National Resume Writers Association 
Professional Association of Resume Writers and Carrer Development

Christine W.


Christine is a UK native who has worked in England, Germany and USA, with 35+ years’ experience working in management and support positions in diverse environments.


Bromley College of Technology, London UK

Skills & Certificates

European Secretary Linguist Diploma (German)
National Examining Board for Supervisory Management - Introductory Certificate
Personal Development Programme, MITS, Gillingham, Kent
RSA Diploma in Information Technology


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